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5th December, 2023

Welcome to Borderline Courier

Borderline Courier specializes in the worldwide shipping of jewellery and luxury goods, providing one-stop solutions for the logistics management of high-value merchandise

Borderline Courier is one of the pioneer of Express Courier industry and therefore it has the most job experience with the widest network throughout UK and other parts of Europe (over 250 destination cities), powered by its own branches with own people and also own fleet of over 500 vehicles. With Borderline Courier in mind, all the problems of time saving, worrying, safety, and cost efficiency are answered.

With over 50 years of experience, knowledge of markets and Customs procedures, and continuous innovation in security systems, Borderline Courier consists of an extensive network of companies with branches and offices throughout the world. An ideal partner that adds value to value.

Using an intricate selection of professional sea freight & air freight fowarding services, Borderline Courier can cater for all your shipping needs and requirements.


Borderline Courier offers the fastest Air freight services, most direct connection between shipment at origin and final destination; we also offer a wide range of services including expedited, regular and deferred air services.


Borderline Courier offers a full range of maritime services, operating along the world’s major shipping lines. Our commitment to book your cargo on regularly scheduled carriers is imperative in providing reliable, on­time sailings and arrivals at destination.


Borderline Courier offers a wide range of courier services to suit your needs.

Secure DHL Door-to-Door Delivery UK, US and international delivery.

A wide range of FREE envelopes and boxes.

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